“When I look at a Make-up Artist’s work, first and foremost I look for creativity, Vania is someone who can think outside of the box. Vania is able to look at a face and see what not to do, how much makeup not to apply.

As a commercial, portrait and fashion photographer, I am always interested in the geography of the face and also peoples so-called flaws are often the most interesting things about them. I would never want to hide any of that.

A Make-up Artist should always look for inspiration anywhere and everywhere, and not just their immediate realm. Vania Bailey does exactly that, she is never complacent.”

Photographer Richard Brimmer

“To whom this may concern,

I’ve been fortunate to have known Vania Bailey for some years and when it comes to requiring a make-up professional for any special event I’m a huge fan. She’s the best there is.
She has a large range of products and she has an efficient, hygienic technique.
Nothing is ever impossible, she leaps into every job with energy and creativity, and as a client she has a gift for making you feel relaxed and taken care of.

She’s a talent, she’s a consummate professional and she’s someone you need to know.”

Yvonne Lorkin
Owner/Executive Producer
Thirsty Media Television Production


“Vania has a beautifully natural style while also knowing how to give my brides the right amount of coverage to last through a long and often hot wedding day. She’s good at listening to what her girls want and adapting her style to suit, so that the barely-there bride and the sultry smokey eye bride all step in front of my camera looking flawless.”.

Eva Bradley