Feather Touch Brows

Initial procedure (no existing eyebrow tattoo) $430

Follow up procedure (4-8 weeks) $330 

Feather Touch Brows

Reconstruction procedure (no hair, old tattoo) $450

Ombre Brows and Powder Brows

Suitable for oily skin.

Initial procedure $450

Follow up procedure (4-8 weeks) $350 

Combination Brows

First procedure $450

Individual hair strokes in the front with a strong defined powdered tail.

Follow up procedure (4-8 weeks) $350 

Yearly Colour Boost

For Brow Feathering, Ombre Brows and Powder Brows $330

Yearly touch-up/colour booster $330

Yearly colour top-up for combination brows $350

Tattoo eyeliner

Initial procedure $390

Top and bottom $490

Follow up procedure (4-6 weeks later) $330

Lip Tattoo

Initial procedure $300

Follow up procedure (4-6 weeks later) $300

Spray tan $45

Makeup $120

Xiled Removal

A safe and effective removal technique $200

More than one session maybe required.

Makeup Lesson

Allow one hour $180