Tattoo Lips

Lip tattoo is a subtle approach to a fuller lip using naturally toned pigments to blend and shade within or on the natural lip line.

Vania will only use natural shades to define the lips, with the choice of either rich definition or subtle shading. Imagine only ever having to apply a clear lip-gloss or lip balm over symmetrical luscious lips. 


If you are prone to cold sores please start taking either lysine or a cold sore preventative 7 to 10 days prior to having your lip tint tattoo. Exfoliate the lips and keep them well moisturized. On the day of the procedure anesthetic is applied to the lips before Vania begins a consultation and design process.

The outline of the lips is created first and then the colour is blended through the lip. It is important to note that you can never make the colour tone of your lips lighter.

As the tattoo is healing the pigment will deepen in colour so it is best to plan your tattoo away from social events.

Post treatment

The pigment is the most dramatic 24 to 48 hours after the initial treatment following the outside layer of dry skin may begin to peel.
Lip tattoo after-care is minimal. Refrain from touching the area with fingertips and apply a nourishing antiseptic cream twice-daily it is also important to avoid exfoliants, oils, lipsticks and spicy foods for at least one week.

A re-touch appointment is recommended within 6 to 8 weeks this insures Vania is able to correct any fading inconsistencies and insures the lip line looks crisp.

It is also an opportunity to make minor colour changes. You should expect your lips to fade from 30 to 50% and peeling to occur for 3 to 7 days depending on your skin type.

Lip tattoo generally last between 3 to 10 years however this depends on your skins chemistry, any active ingredients that you may use in your skin care and Sun exposure.

Please allow seven days before applying any make up to areas affected by cosmetic tattoo.