Tattoo Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a two-step procedure.

Vania offers two types of permanent eyeliner, Invisible or Traditional.

Traditional eyeliner

Thick eyeliner is out; it will only create unnecessary attention to the eye area. Vania prides herself on her ability to apply finely etched lines that are nestled tightly above the lash line for a crisp finish. Vania will not double thickness as pigments can migrate and blur in the future.

Applied by a non-invasive tattoo machine that penetrates the skin with a fine needle. The eyes are closed throughout the procedure and anesthetic cream is applied for the comfort of the client. Vania offers both top and bottom eyeliner options.

Invisible eyeliner

Invisible eyeliner is like a Lash enhancement undetectable definition for the eyes. Unlike traditional eyeliner tattooing where ink is embedded above the lash line. Invisible Liner uses a small needle to dot and fill in and around the lash bed.

The lashes appear fuller and whites of the eyes seem brighter. Invisible liner is only applied to the top lash line.


Make sure your natural lashes are free from mascara, all eyelash extensions are to be removed. This treatment is not recommended if you suffer from eye irritations or infections. Contact lenses are to be removed as they can become problematic during the tattoo procedure.

Anesthetic will be placed onto the lash line before Vania applies liner to give you an idea of your design. Lasts up to 2-10 year depending on skin types.