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A day at the races

Hawkes Bay Make up artist - Vania Bailey

Make up by Vania Bailey at Hawkes Bay Races

Woman Beauty Etiquette
Nothing is worse than tangerine skin! So go easy on the fake tan and wear shoes that allow you to stay on your feet all day. Northing looks worse than a woman carrying her shoes at the end of the day! – be prepared and pop some band-aids in your purse.

Its all about the hatinator – a cross between a fascinator and a hat. Not too many feathers this season. Stay away from thick felt or wool hats – straw is reserved for summer racing! Choose a structured or sculptured hat that will complement your dress.

Think about the classic racing look – don’t let it all hang out! The track is never a place for tiny mini skirts. Make sure only one body part is exposed whether it is your legs or décolletage and not both.

Dress Etiquette for Men
Straw hats have been favorites for men’s racing attire. If a straw hat is not to your taste or rain is threatening, turn to the trusty felt hat such as the fedora or tomburg.

Wear a suit and tie combo in navy or grey or even a more relaxed look such as chinos and a blazer. Don’t forget the pocket square – a small accessory that when added to an outfit, allows men to express themselves.

Remember to trim those eyebrows – take away that mono.

Don’t get a completely new haircut

Experimenting with a new hairstyle right before the big day isn’t the way to go. The main goal for hair is to look like a better version of your everyday self. Always use a product in your hair to maintain that look.

Do take some mints with you, there is nothing worse than bad breath! Try not to cover yourself in cologne, restrain yourself. A dash on the pulse points – wrists, behind the ears and at the base of your neck is all you need. Remember to moisturise and apply sunscreen, especially if your not wearing a hat.