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Permanent makeup: Give yourself a winter beauty boost

Permanent makeup artist Vania Bailey says permanent makeup is becoming more and more popular. Photo / Supplied

Winter can make us feel rather gloomy. Sunlight hours are short and often spent indoors.

Permanent makeup artist Vania Bailey says the lack of vitamin D during winter can cause us to feel down in the dumps.

“Not only that but dehydration during the cooler months caused by water evaporating into the low humidity atmosphere makes our skin feel dry. This can all lead to speeding up the ageing process.

“That’s why it is so important to eat a diet rich in whole foods and healthy fats which helps keep the skin healthy and better able to fend off the winter blues. Add extra Omega-3 to boost the hydration, and make sure you wear sunscreen, the UV rays are just as intense in winter as they are in summer.”

However, Vania says, make sure you keep sunscreen and your foundation away from your tattooed eyebrows because they cause the colour of your eyebrows to change.

“When I wear a full face of makeup I always apply a soft layer of eyeshadow powder through my eyebrows, especially where there is no hair as that stops the skin from looking shiny. If you are an over plucker like I was, brushing a soft brow or eyeshadow powder through the eyebrows will have your brows on point,” Vania said.

“In winter I love to start the morning off with a lymphatic face massage with Jojoba oil, massaging nourishing oil into your skin helps with blood flow, it also detoxifies while plumping the skin , adding colour back into the face, making us feel and look more alive. The one thing I love about my morning routine is that my eyebrows and eyeliner do not rub or wash off.



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