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Put Your Best Foot Forward


The biggest problem often seen in feet is dehydration.  As we age, our skin thins out, we loose subcutaneous fat and our feet become as dry as a desert. It is a side effect of the body’s circulation directing the blood flow to the female organs for protection. Your feet are at the end of the road and the rest is down to us neglecting them!

It is important to moisturise your feet every night, but what is more important is not to wear closed in shoes without any socks or tights. By doing this, the moisture in your feet drains into your shoes whilst also making them a tad stinky too!  Open shoes, sandals and bare feet are fine as your feet are able to breathe.

Now how to deal with calluses and corns

A callus is a thickening and hardening of the surface layer of the skin. It is formed from pressure, often on the ball of the foot, heel or the underside of the big toe. Regular buffing, moisturizing and well fitted shoes should keep calluses at bay.

For corns, professional attention is required. A corn is a tiny corn shaped mass of hard skin with a visible centre. Corns can form from tight shoes, toe deformities and an unbalanced gait. In order to treat corns you should seek advice from a Podiatrist to prevent a reoccurrence. The Podiatrist may suggest orthotics that can be individually made to suit your feet or you can buy them off the shelf which is much cheaper.


Again it is important to choose footwear that are going to protect and support your feet.  Pointy high heels make your legs look amazing however they do place added pressure on your feet that can result in corns and calluses. I’m rather keen on wearing flimsy pretty shoes because it means you have to keep your feet looking good.

Supportive footwear from trainers to Birkenstocks can still cause problems if you don’t replace them annually as these can wear down over time and may result in a buildup of hard skin on your feet. It is also recommended not to wear the same shoes two days in a row, both to rest your feet and the leather in your shoes.


Always cut toenails straight across, do not curve them down or dig into outer corners.

I think it always pays to invest in your feet through good shoes, pedicures and podiatrists.